Mousse Rstyle revitalizing mousse

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Mousse Rstyle revitalizing moisturizing



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A new generation professional product for repairing damaged and exhausted hair after coloring.

The main advantages of this model: can be used in the salon and at home; instant effect; light texture; pleasant aroma; convenient format; fast and efficient; suitable for all hair types.

Just a few taps - and your hair becomes shiny, silky and docile.

Mousse will help dry, blonde, tangled hair to look healthier, well-groomed and beautiful.

After the first use:

- Mousse instantly moisturizes;

- restores and fills porous hair;

- makes strands more elastic and dense;

- gives hair softness and shine.

Active ingredients: panthenol oils, minerals and proteins - long-term use of mousse will help restore damaged curls, make them shiny and silky. With regular use of mousse, the hair easily fits into a beautiful hairstyle, easy to comb, not electrified, less split and broken.

Thanks to the moisturizing and nourishing properties of the active ingredients in the formula, the mousse will take excellent care of your hair during and after coloring, perming or straightening procedures. By adding RSTYLE REVITALIZING mousse to hair dye, you provide strands with strength, shine and even dye distribution.

Mousse is effective as an intensive care product and as a thermal protection agent, as it helps to repair damaged hair and protect it from the negative effects of the environment and sunlight.

How to use: apply a small amount on dry or damp hair, distribute well with your fingers or a comb, massage to facilitate absorption.

Volume - 200 ml.

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